Growing up on the south outskirts of Brisbane, Australia, Julie grew up surrounded by farmland and many animals. Her love of nature saw her raising birds who had fallen from trees and caterpillars hatching into butterflies (still does).
Then came swimming and her competitive instinct was unleashed which saw Julie came into her own with the seed planted of Olympic Gold.
10 years packed with hard work, blood, blisters, sweat and many tears, Julie stood on the blocks at the Seoul Olympics with her goal of Olympic Gold in her mind.

At those Games, Julie came up against great odds competing against the East German Swimmers who had stamped their domination on the World Athletic Stage for the past 2 decades.

Many athletes would be tempted to turn to Drugs themselves to be competitive or they just gave up their sport.
But Julie showed that not only are drug cheats beatable, but her resilience, determination and drive to win against these women would reveal her true essence.
Julie was a tough competitor and left no stone unturned in her quest for success.
Fast forward 27 years and after many varied careers, some successful, some not so much, she realized that she needed to follow her true calling in life and teach others how they can tap into their true potential and have the life they want and deserve.

Julie is a successful business woman with a business expanding several countries. She knows what it takes to be on the World Stage in sport and in business.
Julie has an amazing ability to connect with her audience, whether you are in a room of 1000 people or standing in front of her, Julie’s message connects with purpose, with you, your dreams and she inspires you to find your desire to achieve your greatest milestone yet.
Julie has a natural love of people and what gives her the greatest joy is seeing them discover their own super power, develop it and then see them skyrocket themselves to success.

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Julie McDonald OAM

People changing lives, are life changing people.
~ Julie McDonald OAM