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Are you looking for a speaker who not only captures the audience during her presentation but who also can take them on a journey of what it is like to live as an athlete and take on the World?

Julie not only captures her audience during her presentation, she is also happy to engage and chat with your clients/guests having them walking away in awe.

Julie is an entertaining and inspirational speaker who takes her audience on a journey of what it was like to train for the Olympic Games and be in Laurie Lawrence’s squad.

Her vivacious personality takes the audience directly back into time and makes them feel like they are there with her in the race.

Julie is also a highly sought after Master of Ceremonies where she brings humour and her own personality into any event.

Julie is dynamic and enthusiastic about helping people truly achieve the life they’ve always dreamed.

How can she help you create the best event you’ve ever had? Have your clients and guests walking away raving about it??

Well ask us how!!!

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In 1996 Julie was diagnosed with chlorine poisoning which put her out of the water 2 months out from the Olympic trials. Then in 1997 Julie was diagnosed with a stage 2 melanoma on her back.

This led Julie down the path of finding the best natural solutions to keeping her body in optimum condition to ward off any health challenges.

Today she is continuing to help people with their health challenges with a revolutionary new health technology and science.

Julie is a mentor for people with health issues helping them with their mindset and determination to get well.

Julie McDonald

People changing lives, are life changing people.
~ Julie McDonald OAM